User Profiles
Thorstarter has three primary user groups
  • Projects
  • Investors
  • Voters
Thorstarter offers advantages for all three of these groups:
Projects: New projects come to Thorstarter to launch their token because of the platform’s community and reach. However, they are also seeking a fair launch paradigm in which all of their nascent community can participate. Once established, projects pool their token with XRUNE on connected-chain automated market makers (AMMs) in order to enable swaps from any THORChain supported asset to and from their token.
Investors: Thorstarter’s primary end users. They will come to the Thorstarter dapp, a simple web based UI, to take part in a project’s IDO, or to swap long and short tail crypto assets in one transaction.
Voters: May vote in proposals which focus on the health of the network. Voters are likely to be individuals that want to be part of the future of DeFi, and of the Thorstarter and THORChain ecosystems. Voters may also stake XRUNE in a voting contract and receive governance rights in the form of vXRUNE.
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