Function of XRUNE
XRUNE has three primary functions:
First, Thorstarter offers our partner projects the opportunity to have an XRUNE-paired liquidity pool on THORChain. LPs earn fees in both RUNE and XRUNE, based on the volume of transactions occurring between these assets block by block. This follows the standard rewards model of all other approved RUNE-ASSET pools on THORChain.
Second, XRUNE is a token whose utility provides early access to projects which IDO on Thorstarter through our tiers system. In the case of ETH launches, approved projects are seeded with XRUNE liquidity by the Thorstarter DAO, creating XRUNE-ASSET pools on secondary market AMMs. XRUNE is required to participate in the initial liquidity event. For both ETH and non-ETH launches, participants must deposit XRUNE in our tiers contract to gain access to our IDOs and recieve an allocation multipliers.
Third, XRUNE is paired with ASSETs on external AMMs, either as provisioned liquidity by the Thorstarter DAO or simply by LPs looking to gain exposure to yield. External LPs earn fees based on the fee structure of the AMM where they provide liquidity. In the case of Eth-based AMMs Uniswap and Sushiswap, this fee is 0.3%. In the case of Pancakeswap on BSC, this fee is 0.2%.
XRUNE settlement function explained
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