What is $XRUNE?
Thorstarter uses $XRUNE as a settlement currency between new projects (IDOs) and THORChain's active pools. $XRUNE: $RUNE pool in THORChain acts as a “Liquidity relayer” between short-tail and long-tail assets.
What are long-tail and short-tail assets?
Short-tail assets are high volume/fee generating assets. THORChain will support them, but only 100 slots will be available in THORChain. Thorstarter connects long-tail assets to THORChain allowing cross chain liquidity.
What is the difference between $XRUNE and $RUNE?
$XRUNE has different tokenomics and governance structure, and $XRUNE price is not 1:1 to $RUNE. Though both tokens act as settlement currencies. RUNE is the native token of THORchain whereas XRUNE is the native currency of Thorstarter . What are the use cases of $XRUNE?
  • $XRUNE will be paired with $RUNE in THORChain pools, to have a liquidity relayer pool out.
  • $XRUNE will be paired with "Assets" on external AMMs, for these "Assets" to access THORChain's cross-chain liquidity.
  • $XRUNE will be required for early access in Thorstarter IDOs. External liquidity pools will be bootstrapped with $XRUNE liquidity.
Find a more detailed breakdown here.
How do we buy $XRUNE? Is the private sale over?
Yes, the private sale is over. Next rounds are Strategic and Public sale (both open to all). Exact dates for these rounds will be announced.
  • Strategic Sale: Swap any assets supported by THORChain for $XRUNE.
  • Public Sale: Swap $ETH for $XRUNE in Sushiswap.
More information can be found here.
What is xIDO Model?
Projects launching on Thorstarter will have the flexibility to choose from several different launch models, giving them flexibility and fair launch opportunity. Full information found here. What is the token release structure? Where can we find the tokenomics?
Please refer to the Tokenomics page which will be updated periodically.
What is vXRUNE?
vXRUNE is Thorstarter’s governance token. It is a tradable ERC20 token.
Find out more about $vXRUNE here.
What is the purpose of vXRUNE?
vXRUNE allows the Thorstarter community to participate in the protocol’s governance by locking up the protocol’s token, XRUNE, which in turn gives community stakeholders the right to create proposals and vote on any active proposal or poll.
Locking up XRUNE for vXRUNE also comes with a claim on part of the fees that Thorstarter would collect. This means that when the protocol makes money, vXRUNE holders get rewarded for their participation in the governance of the project. This is a great way to align incentives and make sure that participants vote with the best interest of the project in mind.
Another way to reward vXRUNE holders that is being considered is related to how profits from selling project tokens vested from liquidity bootstrapping grants. To avoid people profiting from those events without actually doing any work of having been there when the project launched, the DAO could distribute part of those profits proportionally to a snapshot of vXRUNE holders at the time that the project in question has completed its IDO. This would incentivize and reward members that participate in voting and holding vXRUNE for the long term.
How do I obtain vXRUNE?
You can easily mint new vXRUNE by locking up some XRUNE. Inversely, you can always convert back vXRUNE to XRUNE plus any fees collected.
How are vXRUNE rewards sent?
Claimable rewards for holders will be determined by a snapshot, a page will be made available for holders of vXRUNE to claim pending rewards.
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