Investment Strategies

So which should I be, a Retail Investor or DAO Member?

This depends largely on the size of your XRUNE bag. If you are in or below the low four figure range, you might want to consider just taking part in the IDO. Once your bag is bigger (high four figure, low five figure) you should become a DAO member with a portion of your bag to cash in on DAO rewards.
Becoming a DAO member by locking up your XRUNE for vXRUNE is an investment in all future Thorstarter IDOs, an investment we recommend being in or above the mid four figure range to be worthwhile. In this way, you’re getting exposure to the upside potential of our IDOs while spreading out your risk. To do a 100% retail investment places a large amount of your trust in a single project, so we recommend a mix.

Retail + DAO Split Strategy

Let’s say Hans learns about Thorstarter and has $2000 to invest. After considerable research, he picks an upcoming IDO he thinks will do great and on IDO day, locks up 100 XRUNE for vXRUNE and puts his $1980 worth of XRUNE into Project ($PROJ) token.
PROJ does a 10x! Hans now sits on a $20k bag. He allocates $8k worth to lockup for vXRUNE DAO membership (for rewards and voting privileges) and keeps his remaining $12k bag to allocate to future IDOs in $2000 investment increments (to spread out his risk).
Exciting times lie ahead. Might your story look like Hans? Or bigger? As is always the case, DYOR. This is not investment advice.

Die Hard DAO Strategy

Alex wants to participate in the success of DeFi and THORfi through Thorstarter IDOs but doesn't have the time to research each IDO and participate on sale day. Instead, Alex takes her large XRUNE position and locks it up for vXRUNE on the Thorstarter website.
By doing this, she can vote in the DAO when she feels, or delegate her vote to others. Regardless, she will be rewarded for successful Valhalla Venture DAO investments distributed to her in XRUNE when Thorstarter harvests positions.
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