Voting Mechanics
XRUNE is the governance token of Thorstarter, and those who hold it may elect to make changes to the Thorstarter protocol. Anyone may submit a proposal via Snapshot, but only XRUNE holders can vote. Note that XRUNE tokens must first be staked as vXRUNE in order to vote on submitted proposals.
Proposals may include:
  • Allocation of DAO treasury and resources
  • Changes and selection of Thorstarter’s oracles (which determine price)
  • New launch parameters and features
  • Upgrade to the governance model, including buyback and burn/make mechanisms
  • Liquidity pool rewards and incentives for LPs/stakers
Importantly, vXRUNE holders will decide in a consensus how to distribute the DAO Treasury Fund to pay for ongoing operational expenses, new hires, and protocol upgrades. The Thorstarter governance model launches with adaptability in mind.
XRUNE holders will have the final say in how the Thorstarter protocol is governed. Thorstarter governance is open to anyone who holds XRUNE and wants to participate in a protocol at the forefront of DeFi.
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